Pranic Healing balances, stabilizes and harmonizes the Energy body through Chakra clearing, cleansing and balancing. This can be done in person or long distance anywhere in the world. When the Chakras are balanced healing occurs in all areas, Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.

Have you ever met someone that feels heavy, angry or depressed or alternatively, have you been around someone very positive and happy.

Have you gone into a calm, peaceful place and felt how calm and peaceful you become?, or have you gone to a Bar, Casino, dump or drop in centre and felt heavy, negative and irritated?

There is a transference of is energy everywhere you go. This is because of the Bioplasmic energy field that is in every person and environment (the living energy body made up of invisible subtle matter).

Pranic healing is done above the body. The Chakras are cleansed and cleared of any toxic , negative energy that has accumulated. Replacing the negative energy with Color Prana(Chi) to reintegrate all body systems. This healing modality is ancient and very affective.

This is an hour long session has many benefits:

Visa, Mastercard, E Transfer accepted. Investment $125.00