Reiki is a gentle hands on therapy that calls in the Life Force Energy energy to clear and heal the Body, Mind and Spirit. Reiki enhances your natural ability to receive guidance for yourselves and others, just as it enhances your natural ability to bring healing through touch. You can then support the development of your intuitive abilities by appreciating the inner guidance that you receive, asking Spirit to open you up to receive more.

Reiki helps you to learn to listen to your heart rather than your head. The wisdom of your heart will show you flashes of the future in images that float into your dreams and meditations or whispers to us in a “still small voice” that gently urges us to follow our inner guidance.

Anyone can do Reiki

In Level One Usui Reiki you will learn the history, foundations and techniques to perform a full session on yourself. You will also receive an Attunement into the Reiki lineage. Level One is mainly Self healing and Physical healing.

The Attunement is what connects you to the Reiki energy source. It is a rebirth. Your Chakras will open and you will become increasingly aware of what you need to do in regard to healing.


In Level Two you will learn how to do a full session on another person. Level two is Mental, Emotional, Long Distance and Past Life healing. This is raising Your frequency to a higher level through the Reiki Attunement. The frequency upgrade is from 100 in Level one to 300 Amps in Level two.

Becoming a Reiki Master( Level three) will allow you to teach Reiki and to perform Spiritual healing. You will learn how to do Attunements and the Spiritual Reiki symbols. You will be Attuned to the Reiki Master energy.